Pub Offers Wireless System To Display Your Photos

We’ve written before about Jon Anderson’s company which is trying to sell “meshboxes”, which are basically simple “mesh network” wireless systems. The idea is that it will let people extend and share a wireless connection. However, now one of those boxes is being used for a completely different purpose. A pub in the UK has set up a single meshbox to offer a combined WiFi and Bluetooth connection – but then takes it a step further than your typical eating establishment with WiFi. They’ve also put up a big monitor, and anyone in the pub can send any digital photo from their camera phones to the meshbox – where they’ll be displayed on the screen. It’s a simple, creative, different idea for how wireless systems can be used – and is a good demonstration of how wireless opens up random (unexpected) opportunities that people hadn’t thought of before. There’s nothing really special about this offering, but it’s a great example of how “wireless” means more than just “the internet without wires”.

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