Armed Robbers Target Computer Chips

from the cash-is-for-kids dept

The latest target of groups of organized armed robbers is no longer trucks carrying cash. Now, they’re going after trucks carrying computer chips. It appears that you can still make quite a nice profit on a truck full of computer chips – and they’re less likely to be well guarded than cash trucks. Furthermore, computer chips are pretty easy to move once they’ve been stolen.

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Comments on “Armed Robbers Target Computer Chips”

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dorpus says:

Retro Crime

There was a wave of computer chip thefts by Vietnamese teen gangs in Silicon Valley in the late 80s/early 90s. The media back then talked about “high-tech ninjas” and supposed ex-South Vietnamese special forces veterans who were climbing into warehouses to steal chips. Shockingly, teen gangs were using BBS’s to communicate electronically and set up a national network of safehouses. We don’t seem to have been overrun by Vietnamese ninjas yet, though.

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