Computer To Predict Pop Hits

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If you think that music execs are already getting formulaic in how they pick which musical acts are going to be the next “hit”, you’re not going to like this story. Some researchers have built a computer system called Hit Song Science, that will analyze songs to determine which one will be a hit. The system compared 3.5 million songs to compare what makes a hit a hit – and (the article claims) discovered things such as the similarities between U2 and Beethoven. They also claim that it predicted the success of the latest music sensation, Norah Jones. So, say good bye to any more musical variety.

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Comments on “Computer To Predict Pop Hits”

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thecaptain says:

can't be any worse...

Its better than having the marketting dept picking/creating the next hits no?

I mean with a track record like the constantly cloned boybands and teen bimbettes we can hardly do any worse…

Besides…wouldn’t it be fun if someone managed to hack into a system running this stuff and messed with its code?? ROFL

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