ABC Starts 24/7 Internet-Based News Channel

from the forget-television... dept

Following the collapse of any plans to merge Disney’s ABCNews with AOL-Time Warner’s CNN, ABCNews has moved forward with plans to offer their own

24 hour news channel – but this one will be entirely on the web. It’s an interesting idea, but at $5/month they may be hard pressed to find enough willing subscribers. While people can be convinced to pay for some video content – straight news probably doesn’t fall into that category. There are so many competing free or cheap sources for broadcast news, that it’s tough to come up with a justification for paying $5/month for a single channel of regularly repeated news in a tiny, choppy screen.

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Comments on “ABC Starts 24/7 Internet-Based News Channel”

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thecaptain says:

Even with video..

Heck, even 24/7 videos of news stories I can get for free right now at the CTVnewsnet site (its a canadian company..but then I’m canadian so I prefer it)

It has their latest news stories and you can view the segments all you wish.

It amazes how media companies are so full of themselves that they think I’d be willing to pay them 5$ a month just to get ABC’s take on the news.

Frank Stallone says:

Re: Even with video..

Don’t forget Peter Jennings is Canadian!

You know if it were really a valuable service I might consider it. I think that the average age of the Internet surfer that plays video on the web may be too young to consider paying. Public Radio in the US (not the CBC) does okay asking for donations, but the public radio demographic is a little older.


Jimmy (user link) says:

Agreed... Although

It’s a real problem, when people start charging for stuff that should be free. Can you imagine paying over $50/month with all the Real Player SuperPass subscriptions?? I pay $120/month for my digital cable and roadrunner, and you know what, paying for the “baby screen” just ain’t worth it. I already paid my Lifetime for Tivo and I’m not even sure that will last.

The only way these subscriptions work is for people who live abroad or maybe college students who don’t have TV or cable(but its America, everyone is almost wired).

I know Mike doesn’t like Apple, but the .mac accounts work really well for $50-$100 for the year, instead of per month. I think this may be a better subscription billing method, just because a yearly payment at a low cost beats big overheads.


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