Wireless Internet Startup To Bring Up To 30,000 Hot Spots To UK This Year

Well, it seems like folks in the UK have really taken to the whole “WiFi” thing. Another company is getting ready to announce that they’ve WiFi’d up 3,000 pubs and clubs in the UK – with plans to set up 27,000 other locations. The company is interesting, in that they already offer mobile phone games and have installed gaming machines – complete with DSL connections – to many pubs. They needed to connect machines that were in the same location, and realized the simplest way was with a wireless connection. And, once the wireless router was in place… why not use it to offer service? Voila, ready-to-go Wireless ISP. They apparently have a number of different business models planned – though all are focused on the standard “commercial WiFi” proposition that has yet to find mass acceptance.

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