Student Writes Essay In Text Message Form

from the teacher-baffled dept

With just a little stretching you could probably turn this article into something you’d find in the Onion. We’ve had articles in the past about teachers getting annoyed with students using “texting shorthand” in their papers, but now a teacher was flabbergasted to receive an entire paper written in texting shorthand, which the teacher found impossible to read. The teacher, who wanted to remain anonymous, was quoted as saying, “I could not believe what I was seeing. The page was riddled with hieroglyphics, many of which I simply could not translate.” Of course, this is bringing English teachers out of the woodwork complaining about how text messaging is destroying the language. I think people get too worried about these things. Languages change over time. However, that doesn’t mean students can’t be taught when it is (and isn’t) appropriate to use such “advancements”.

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Comments on “Student Writes Essay In Text Message Form”

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Joe Miller says:

No Subject Given

Texting isn’t the problem. In Ontario Canada, teachers are not allowed to teach children grammar in school, for fear of “stunting the child’s creativity”.
Handwriting isn’t the issue. The problem is that whether it’s written or typed, children don’t know the difference between a noun and a verb, nevermind putting together a correctly formed sentence.

Chloe Muse says:

Re: No Subject Given

That is true though, at my school we work all the time on grammar and my friends and I can define all of the different forms of grammar, BUT if I was asked to use them in a sentence I can only show a handful. Labeling a sentence is horrid I would never havve mad it through english if not for vocabulary. At my school my friends and I have problems with getting all our thoughts on to the paper and staying on task. It is RARE for us to go a whole class period without screwing around somehow. Even though I am one of them, I know it has effected me in both positive and negative ways. I love text messages, AIM, Facebook, and Myspace don’t get me wrong but I have also noticed that my friends and I spend about 10 times more time in these areas then we do or studies and at least 10 times thought in how to cut the corners in school rather than learn the material.

and sorry about the spelling, hah one of my major downfalls.

oh and I am in 10th grade, in most of our classes at least five people are texting under their desk during class. and that is just our grade.

Megan says:

I'm writing a paper, and would love some input :o)

I am writing a paper on the topic of text messaging, Facebook, Myspace… since they are such a huge growing trend. I’m interested in hearing some more opinions on the break down of our children’s grammar. Also, what do you think makes text messaging so popular? Do you find it easier to talk to other’s in writing? Is it to avoid long conversations? Would you rather a quick consise answer to your questions? Is it the antisipation of waiting for a reply? Would you rather speak to your friends this way, or do you find you talk on the phone just as often? Do you think that the text messaging, facebook trend is contributing in a positive way or actually hindering our society?

Liz says:

I refuse to respond to any text message in short hand. I don’t understand it. I’m 19, I’m part of the generation that’s suppose to have all this insanity come natural. I have a true fear that our civilization will allow this crappy text short hand to become the norm. Can you imagine filling out your tax returns with all of the questions in short hand? How about those rediculous phone contracts, like they aren’t hard enough to comprehend. Stop signs drop the o and become Stp signs. Who needs Publix or Sweetbay when you can have Pbx and SwtBy? I vote we bring back corpral punishment and allow english teachers to beat the idiotic students who think they can turn in essays in such a format. Failing the student is not enough.

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