Red Herring… Gone

from the another-one-down dept

Not a huge surprise, but Red Herring now joins the ranks of so many other “techie, business” magazines. Along with Upside, the Industry Standard, (the original) Business 2.0, Silicon Alley Reporter, and whatever other techie business rag you probably used to read, Red Herring has shut down. Red Herring’s founder, Tony Perkins, was surprised by the news, but says that he thinks it’s a temporary thing, and he is looking to restart the magazine as a self-supporting profitable enterprise as soon as possible. In the meantime, all that’s left are business techie magazine owned by large publishing houses: Wired (Conde Nast), Business 2.0 (AOL) and possibly Fast Company (Gruner + Jahr USA). Like so many others, I stopped subscribing to most of these magazines ages ago when many of them turned into PR repeaters for the companies their VC friends had invested in. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more great independent technology-business reporting – and I’m sure that it’s already happening through some smaller groups. I’d guess that the blog world is really starting to take over this function in some manner.

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