MSN Blocks Email From Rival ISPs

from the anti-spam-policy? dept

Microsoft has recently talked about how they’re going to improve their anti-spam efforts. Of course, no one realized that they meant they were going to make it impossible for customers of competing ISPs to reach Microsoft’s users. Microsoft insists it was an error, but I’m sure some people have conspiracy theories about why Microsoft suddenly

blocked emails from Earthlink and RoadRunner customers saying that they were spam. I’m sure it really was a mistake, but it does demonstrate the “bad” side of spam filters – the ability to accidentally block legitimate mail is still a real problem.

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Comments on “MSN Blocks Email From Rival ISPs”

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dorpus says:


Is it possible for ISPs to team up with the US Postal Service to find ways to start charging for e-mail, via the Mailing Industry Association of America? Only people who pay a certified charge would be allowed to send an e-mail anywhere.

This would spawn a mixed reaction from consumers, for it would destroy the economics of spam. A lot of rebel technologies using P2P or whatever will ferry email for free across complicated routes, but this will be slow and insecure.

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