Dialogue Box, Hollywood Version

from the powerpoint-for-screenwriters dept

We’ve posted plenty of stories about people complaining about how PowerPoint just makes it too easy to make presentations – draining all the creativity out of them. Now, the NY Times is looking

at the Hollywood equivalent of PowerPoint – scriptwriting and “idea generation” or “story development” software for screenplays. They set everything up for the budding screenwriter, and just wait for them to fill in the dialogue. People seem to have a similar reaction to it as they do with PowerPoint. Some love it for what it lets them do, while others decry the lack of creativity it brings about.

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Comments on “Dialogue Box, Hollywood Version”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Please no Reg-required links

Thanks for the comment. We do our best to avoid reg req links, but in some cases, if the news is interesting enough, it’s worth posting anyway. Especially with the NY Times, most people have a reg already (real or fake). However, I make sure to look around for other options before posting if there are any – and I make sure to mention that it’s a NY Times article, so you know ahead of time.

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