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Time Magazine Discovers Craig's List

from the took-'em-long-enough dept

If you live in the San Francisco area, you’re probably quite familiar with Craig’s List. Sometimes I wonder how anything ever was done in a time before Craig’s List. While there are plenty of big name sites with lots of marketing dollars, most people looking for a job or a place to rent

look to Craig’s List first. It’s been that way for ages. So, it’s a bit surprising to see that Time Magazine has just discovered Craig’s List. I know that the site has expanded to many other cities, but unfortunately, the article doesn’t say how well it’s catching on in those places.

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Comments on “Time Magazine Discovers Craig's List”

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Dave says:

chicago craig's list

Craig’s list is about to take off huge in Chicago. I’ve been using it to advertise apartments for rent for two weeks and already have increased my # of clients by 50% most of which are from out-of-towm. If the consumers discover the “apartments for rent” section in Chicago for a while before the other realtors I won’t mind!!! Craig’s list rules!!! A very friendly community service.

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