Schumer Calls for Increased Wireless Regs

Senator Charles Shumer has introduced legislation calling for a “cell phone user bill of rights” with a number of different points to help guarantee better service for mobile phone users. The bill would mandate number portability – which I thought was in the process of being mandated already. It would also let the FCC monitor cell phone service qualiy. The industry, of course, is against any such regulation.

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Comments on “Schumer Calls for Increased Wireless Regs”

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grier graham (profile) says:

Cell phone user bill or rights

Forget the rights. How about the taxes. Obviously a democrat is focusing on this bill. The real issue is the tax pinata that cell phone tax bills have become. The next time you pay that bill, see how much is going to the carrier for the service and how much payola is being spread around to different entities for all sorts of dubious taxes.

Anonymous Coward says:

Cell Phone Tax

Considering how unsafe talking and driving is. Cell phone users continue to break the law and talk while driving. I wish that law was enforced like the seat blet laws, and smoking bans are. Well its high time the people that have taken away my right to decide if I should wear a seat belt, did not do anything to stop sky-high taxes on cigs when it went to a vote, and have made it almost impossible to smoke a cig outside of my home to get hit with a tax for a change. Welcome to sin tax hell.

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