Samsung Creating New Matrix Phone With Warner Brothers

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There have been plenty of stories about companies using movies for product placement advertising purposes – but how about creating an entire product around a movie? That appears to be the goal of the new “Matrix Phone” from Samsung which will be launched in conjunction with the new Matrix sequel. Samsung signed a deal with Warner Brothers to make a special phone for the movie. In part, I think this shows a shift to more integrated advertising with entertainment products. It’s no longer just the companies using various media as an advertising channel, but looking to integrate and design their products around the lifestyles found in TV shows and movies. Expect to find more entertainment-branded mobile phones and other products to show up in the near future. The question is whether or not consumers will go for it – or if they’ll see it as blatant advertising. Also, do they run into problems after a movie has been out for a while? Will it still be “cool” to have a Matrix phone in 2004?

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Comments on “Samsung Creating New Matrix Phone With Warner Brothers”

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thecaptain says:

That's not a matrix phone!! lol

I don’t know what the phone looks like in the second movie…but I thought the cellphone from the first one, with the snap/slide down cover looked pretty cool.

Haven’t been able to find one tho…only a few that come close where the cover manually slides down…not the springloaded snap action of the movie :((

mnm says:

Phone spec

OK, here is the deal the phone is not even a GSM phone which is can’t be use with a sim card so if you buy this phone you have to use it with sprint or somthing it can’t be used by people that just want to use this phone for a while and take out the sim chip put it back in their old phone again, it does not make sense becuase people that will buy this kind of phone would not want to use it all the time. this phone sucks and sprint sucks on ebay it cost about 600 so is not worth the money if is not GSM

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