RU Ready For Corporate IM?

from the how-important-is-it? dept

Well, people have been talking about it for a while, and now

corporate instant messaging programs are finally getting ready to launch. I’m wondering if the value is really there, though. Most people already see regular instant messaging programs as corporate instant messaging. People don’t want to have to install yet another IM client just to converse with co-workers – even if it’s more secure. The “benefits” to corporate IM are only to corporate IT departments – and possibly execs who want to spy on their employees.

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Comments on “RU Ready For Corporate IM?”

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WhistleBlower says:


I totally agree.
My employer was founded on money gained from a lawsuit, and this rather shadows how the IT group deals with us (now largely immigrant) factory-worker geeks. Yeah, some of them have a 180 IQ and IT fully realizes how non-genius their ranks are – short-man syndrome all the way, those little hitlers.
Our IT bunch will snap this one up for sure – it was MADE for them. Of course, what this will mean is that we’ll be left to either cut all IM use completely (like we’ll let them archive our IMs to Mom) or just circumvent their losing effort like we’ve done before.

Symfornix says:

What's the point?

I thouroughly fail to see the point of just about every “application” for IM. Unless you’re in a crowded place where you can’t hear, or in a theater, just use the phone or email..
It would be more effective for a company to setup an IRC server and let employees create private rooms. Another example of a solution looking for a problem..
just my .02

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