Anatomy Of A Mobile Device User

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Who uses Palm and Pocket PC devices? According to Avantgo’s 2003 Mobile Lifestyle Survey well-educated, well-paid, men ages 25 to 50. Eighty-four percent surveyed were male, which sounds too high to me. I wonder if this is just a survey of Avantgo users. Given how many business women I know that carry around PDAs I would have expected closer to 20 to 30 percent female users. However the results do make more sense for just Avantgo users because it does attract a geekier crowd.

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Comments on “Anatomy Of A Mobile Device User”

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1 Comment
Bryan Price says:

No Subject Given

Both my wife and I use Avantgo. I’ve had my Palm IIIx longer, while she started out with an M100, and is now currently running an M125. I don’t know what she uses her Avantgo for, but last time I looked, I had more driving instructions from MapQuest than anything else. It seems to me that my observation is that it’s been pretty close to 50/50 each sex of people that I personally know. Then again, I’ve seen a number of Handspring Treos, and every one of them was a man. YMMV.

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