Internet Fridge Plots Spam Diet

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If you thought regular spam and “friendly spam” (emails forwarded from friends) were bad enough, just wait. With the rapid move towards home automation and internet connected appliances, you may be receiving regular email updates from your fridge before too long. While there are clear benefits to internet connected sensors and appliances, they may tend towards “over-communicating” which can be quite a problem if they all start acting up at once.

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Comments on “Internet Fridge Plots Spam Diet”

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1 Comment
u2604ab says:


Here’s what should really be working on: A ‘butler’ computer that compiles and filters all the information from each of your ‘smart appliances’ into just the bits of information that you need. That way your fridge won’t e-mail you to say it’s getting too warm every time your roommate spends more than 30 seconds with the door open trying to decide what to eat.

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