DVD-Copying Software Maker Offers Anti-Piracy Reward

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Earlier today, I posted a story about Hollywood offering cash to anyone who revealed where pirating operations were occuring. Here’s an interesting contrast to that story. 321 Studios, the makers of DVD-copying software (which is fighting their own legal battle against Hollywood), are offering a similar bounty to turn in DVD pirates. So, why would a company that provides software to let you copy your DVDs be offering $10,000 to anyone who turns in a DVD pirate using their software? Because their software isn’t designed to be used for pirating, but just to let people make backup copies of movies they already own. It’s an interesting PR trick, though, I don’t know how well it will fly in court. The idea is that if no one is turned in, then it shows that people aren’t using the copying software for piracy, but rather for personal “fair use” reasons.

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Comments on “DVD-Copying Software Maker Offers Anti-Piracy Reward”

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LittleW0lf says:

Hollywood Piracy

The whole issue of Hollywood and Piracy is so completely bogus I just have to cry. After all, the number one pirates are the entertainment community themselves, not any of their customers.

A friend of mine informed me that they now have a leaked copy of the second installment of Lord of the Rings (“Two Towers”). They received it from a master DVD released for the Oscars, and it has been floating around the internet. The friend should know better, as they work for the industry. This wasn’t a DivX or CD, it was a DVD, complete with the title and box. I of course passed, as I’d much rather purchase the DVD when it comes out as I love what Jackson has done to the series, and look forward to supporting this movie (then again, do they have to wait a full year before releasing the DVD…come on Jackson, release the DVD!)

Thinking about this, I realized that the entertainment industry is going about this the wrong way. I mean, if all their customers are pirates and thieves, and I am not a pirate (argh!) or a thief, than logically I can not be one of their customers. So I figure eventually I’ll have to start sooner or later, not.

When I was a kid, my parents often would tell me not to do something, only to have me do it because it was “forbidden fruit.” However, when they used reverse psychology or when they pointed out all the folks not doing something, I’d realize the pointlessness of the exercise and move on. The movie industry would be better off fighting the leaks that exist within their own community and pointing out the good reasons for buying DVDs instead of stealing them, then those of us that don’t steal them don’t feel like we have to steal them in order to be a customer.

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