Worldwide PC Shipments Seen Up 4.8 Percent

from the surprise-surprise dept

For a couple of years now, PC sales have been consistently flat, causing all sorts of questions for PC and related component and software makers. There were also plenty of articles wondering if the recession and the fact that old computers were “good enough” were making people extend the lives of their old computers before buying something new. So, it’s a bit of a surprise to suddenly hear that Gartner thinks worldwide PC shipments are expected to rise 4.8% this quarter, and keep increasing throughout the year. The article doesn’t give a reason for this increase – and, in fact, seem to foucs on all the reasons the market isn’t growing faster. It’s an odd sort of prediction that says “here’s what I think will happen, and here are all the reasons it’s not happening.” I am generally a bit skeptical about any of these analyst “market predictions”, because they’re usually made up with very little basis in reality and are more designed so that companies in the space can quote the numbers for investors, rather than make any real use of them. Also, the firms routinely refuse to go back and admit where they were wrong. Next year they’ll just come out with another report, completely ignoring this year’s report – even if they were off by a long shot.

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