The TV Ad Market Is Changing With Or Without TiVo

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I had no idea that TiVo had ditched the UK market, but apparently, they have. This article, though, points out that with or without TiVo the television ad market is changing rapidly. This is an important point for broadcasters to realize. While they may be complaining about people “stealing” shows by using TiVo, there’s an even larger trend that’s happening. People are simply sick of being mis-advertised to. We’re constantly being pitched products we have absolutely no interest in. With the advent of 500+ channel choices, people just aren’t wasting their time with irrelevant advertising any more. TiVo is just one way that people have finally been able to make that clear to broadcasters and advertisers. The problem isn’t TiVo – it’s too much bad advertising. This article points out that big consumer products companies like P&G are scaling back their TV advertising, not just due to TiVo-like devices, but because they don’t see as big a value in mass advertising any more. They’re more interested in highly targeted advertising – which is not what TV is for.

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