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Good Times Or Bad Times: It's Tough To Be A Small Company

from the can't-get-no-respect dept

It’s tough to be a small player in the internet space, I guess. During the boom years, it was impossible to get attention from the companies you needed to partner with, because they were doing so many deals left and right they would ignore the smaller players. Some people predicted that when the downturn occurred suddenly smaller companies would be much better off, because now those other companies would be desperate for customers. For a while, this was true. Suddenly, it wasn’t as hard for small companies to get people at big time colocation facilities, service providers, banks, lawyers, and whatnot to return phone calls. However, the easy ride for small companies didn’t seem to last very long. The “bigger” companies are realizing that even if they want customers, the smaller companies don’t pay very much, and might be costing too much money. As those big companies struggle with ways to stay in business, suddenly, they just want to focus on the high margin, high profit customers, instead of wasting time with the little guys. This explains why struggling Level 3 is kicking small companies off its system. In the end… it’s still tough to be a small company sometimes.

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