Brits Not Interested In 3G

Do they or don’t they? There have been any number of studies suggesting that people can’t wait for 3G features, and just as many saying that people couldn’t care less about 3G features. The only way we’ll know for sure is when they finally get around to launching. The latest study in Europe says that many people simply don’t care about 3G features, and it was worst in Britain where 66% had no interest. I have a few thoughts on this. First, that means 34% are interested – which is pretty damn good for a product that hasn’t launched yet and has been plagued recently by tons of stories about how it will never live up to the hype, or that it won’t be useful at all. Second, listening to what people say about products that aren’t launched yet can sometimes be misleading. I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to what consumers are saying – but know that what they say and what they buy don’t always match up. If it looks like all your friends are MMSing with each other and all you can do is SMS, you might be persuaded to suddenly want a 3G system with MMS capabilities. That said, it is important for those offering 3G to not overhype their technologies. It sounds like many people just don’t believe the hype, and want to be convinced of why 3G would actually make sense for them.

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