eBay Coupon Sellers Clip For Cash

from the you-can-find-anything-you-need dept

Many years ago, soon after eBay was first started, there was a lot of news around the fact that someone put up a (full) can of soda for auction. It was around then, I believe, that people started to realize you could auction off anything you wanted. Now apparently, there’s a brisk trade in auctioning off coupons. While not making anyone rich, some people are making a few extra dollars each month by selling the coupons from their Sunday newspaper circulars. What’s most amusing in the article, though, is seeing a representative from Lowe’s (one of the more popular set of coupons being auctioned) get very upset over the idea that people were trading their coupons online. Apparently, the days of targeting special promotions are over…

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