The Wait For FCC Broadband Rules Continues…

from the anguish-increases dept

As the FCC is finally (finally, finally) expected to rule on broadband de/re/regulation this week, rumors and propaganda are flying in every direction. I would say that it will be nice once the official rules are announced, since it will mean the end to all this speculating, but I’m sure it will only be followed up with thousands upon thousands of articles analyzing every aspect of why the decision is good or bad. In the meantime, the fight heated up last week as the question of whether or not states themselves could regulate broadband competition set off quite a firestorm. Other stories are looking at specific companies – such as how Covad will weather the regulation storm. The rules could also incentivize various telecom companies to start merging again. In the end, whatever happens, it’s clear that no one will agree if it’s good or bad.

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