ID Theft Victims Get Little Help

from the not-good dept

MSNBC loves running identity theft stories – so if you’re ever a victim of identity theft and the authorities won’t help, I guess you should send your story to MSNBC. The latest one is focusing on the fact that it’s very difficult to get authorities to care about your identity theft claim – even if you can give them the home address of the thief along with proof of their actions. Many police departments simply don’t understand the severity of the crime, while others say it’s just too low priority to bother with. This, of course, only makes it more tempting for identity thieves to keep on going. There’s even a story of a guy who was arrested and released on bail while waiting for charges to be filed. In the meantime he’s been picked up two more times for identity theft. Most of the people running these scams know that no one is cracking down – so the risks seem minimal.

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