Satellite Could Force Drivers To Slow Down

from the get-your-satellite-off-my-lead-foot dept

A new satellite system is being tested in France that would force the car to slow down if the driver was speeding. While this seems like an obvious way to stop people from speeding – and I’ve wondered why it wasn’t done in the past – I imagine that most people (at least in the US) would revolt if such a system were implemented on a widespread basis. There is an “over-ride” switch for someone to accelerate in a “dangerous situation”, but I imagine most drivers would drive with the over-ride constantly on.

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Comments on “Satellite Could Force Drivers To Slow Down”

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bish says:

No Subject Given

Judging from the number of throttle governors that are disabled in moving vans and 18-wheel trucks, I’d have to agree. Couple all this with the automobile black box, however, and AllState will soon find a new reason not to cover you for that time when the drunk driver ran that red light and T-boned your car. Your governor was disabled, you see, so it must be your fault.

Brandon (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

I’m sure people in the states wouldn’t mind driving at the speed limit… if it was sane. There are just too many places in the US where its set insanely low, either as a speed trap, or because “we don’t want anyone driving faster than 35 in our town” or who knows what else.

So, as long as speed limits are capricious, people will disable governors.

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