Tim Berners-Lee As The Lord Of The Webs

from the semantic-or-pedantic-web? dept

The Washington Post does a dreadful job trying to explain the concept of the Semantic Web by comparing Tim Berners-Lee to J.R.R. Tolkien, saying that both created elaborate “worlds” where characters use languages that they’ve invented. The article then goes on to describe the Semantic Web idea, which might be useful if you haven’t been reading all the various arguments about it, but doesn’t shed much light on anything new. It does point out, however, that many people don’t think the Semantic Web is going to go anywhere, and all it does is complicate matters. It also compares the Semantic Web to Web Services. While TimBL insists that the two are quite different, trying to serve different purposes, the descriptions of what each let you do are eerily similar. And, for people making decisions at the end of the road, that’s all that will matter.

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