China Rips Up The 3G Rulebook

The Register is running a long article that absolutely trashes Qualcomm for their unfriendly intellectual property practices, and suggests they have some sort of “voodoo” control over the US government – that always seems to fight for them abroad. The end of the article, though, talks about China’s attempts to build their own 3G technology that doesn’t infringe on Qualcomm’s patents. While many have suggested that China’s technology is inferior to the 3G standards being set up elsewhere, this article suggests that perhaps European carriers can thumb their noses at the US and Qualcomm by adopting the Chinese standard. There doesn’t seem to be any logical reasoning for it, other than that the US and Qualcomm are “bad” and deserve to get what’s coming to them. Now, Qualcomm might not have the best reputation for how they do business – but making critical business decisions simply to spite a company doesn’t seem like the most intelligent move either.

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