Telemarketers Sue To Stop FTC Do-Not-Call List

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Telemarketers are up in arms about the proposed FTC do-not-call list that would have telemarketers fined for calling people who didn’t want to hear from them. They’re now suing the FTC to block such a list, saying it’s a violation of their free speech rights, and also that it would discriminate against an industry that supplies millions of jobs. Of course, I’m not sure what’s illegal about the jobs part of it. I’m sure that the drug industry employs millions as well, but that doesn’t mean the government doesn’t try to slow them down, also. I’m also not convinced of their free speech rights either. They’re certainly allowed to say what they want. This list just means they cannot chose to interrupt and bother these people in their homes. That’s not taking away anyone’s free speech rights at all.

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Comments on “Telemarketers Sue To Stop FTC Do-Not-Call List”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Your rights have a range

Your rights extend only until the point their intersect someone else’s rights.

You have a legal right to swing your arms wildly around. That right stops the moment someone enters the range of your arms and could be struck.

You have a legal right to play your music as loud as you want. That right stops as soon as someone who doesn’t want to hear your music at that volume enters the area where the music can be heard.

You have a legal right to talk and say whatever you want. That right stops as soon as you try to talk to someone who doesn’t want to hear from you.

valerie burrus says:

telemarketers suing the fcc

this is against the constituional rights of americans and it puts millions out of business. we are not low life scum which was on with chopping heads off blood going everywhere to major violence on the phone.This is an outrage of freedom of speech. We might as well have stalon or hussein here or go back to the communist party when Hitler was in office. If Americans i use that lightly if they react to this what is the difference between terrorists and so called Americans. I see no differnce.

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