Sacked For Blogging

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The Register has a story of a guy who apparently has been fired for blogging. The way it’s described, the guy was just called into his boss’s office one day and told to pack his bags due to his blog, which he’d been writing for over a year. He says his old boss knew about the blog and thought it was fine, but his new one seemed to think it was such a horrible infraction that he needed to be fired on the spot. The guy even offered to stop writing the blog, but was told it was too late for such things. It sounds like there was something else going on here, because I can’t understand what about having the blog would be considered a fireable offense. However, for the most part, you can fire people for almost any reason (minus those listed in certain civil rights laws), so I doubt any laws were violated. If the reason really is his blog, then it does show a certain level of idiocy found in the guy’s boss/management.

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Comments on “Sacked For Blogging”

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Clinton Jones (user link) says:


Yes, this is a typical blogsecution, a current model of the firings that might have happened if you had written a letter to the newspaper exposing a bunch of internal information. I believe more will follow.

It is a basic contravention of non disclosure agreements that most employees are expected to sign upon engagement. The issue here was the photo more than the text I believe.

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