Video Games To Get Blamed For Violence Again

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Once again we have a story about violence that occured around a video game and people who can’t admit that there are people with problems in this world are looking to blame the video games, instead of looking at the real causes that would lead obviously disturbed individuals to shoot someone over losing a video game. Blaming the video game doesn’t explain how the kid got a gun. Blaming the video game doesn’t explain why anyone would think it’s ok to shoot someone who beats you in a game. The vast majority of people who play violent video games don’t go out and shoot anyone. Yet, now we’re being told that video games cause violence? It’s a tough one to prove, but it makes for a fine knee-jerk reaction among “concerned” people.

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Comments on “Video Games To Get Blamed For Violence Again”

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Raymond says:

i think that the game designers need to put off this argument and say that some games are helpful. like resedent evil the sears they have puzzles, mazes, memorie places, you have to think and yes kill zombies. but who wouldn’t want to kill a zombie that was coming straight right at you. there are other games that really have to make you think. doom the serious. they are saying that the kids form kolinbind made the game real life. i know that this might make some ppl mad but it is the truth. they were mad at the ppl at the school pleas for give me for saying that but it is the truth. and they made the game real life how did they do that at the first place?????? they learned how to make the game real. i have been playing games sinse i was 2yrs old and now im 17 about to be 18 and i still play games. now what do ppl think about that. i have not commeted any crimes by playing games and killing ppl out of the game. also grand theft auto they better stop saying that it is offensive. let me ask you this how do you know what a hucker looks like?????? by watching and playing the game. yes i know that their is killing but it is just a game. there can be no vilence about that. their might be a kid(teen) that might go and steal a car that is no big deal. what about the kid games i agree that their are some games that are fun i agree on that but stoff criticizing games they can help and calm us down. i my self have a temper but i play my game to calm down. so leave gameing alone and go talk about the war or somethiing.

Anonymous Coward says:

i think wat these people are saying is very true. just because u play violent videogames dont mean u gonna commit a crime man i been playin gta for well over 6 years im forteen and i havent commited one felony yet see the government doesnt want to under stand that there are idiots out there either that or the gov thinks were all idiots in any case it makes them just as stupid as any other gamer out there people have mentel problems and they do stupid shit. there are people out there(me) who need violent video games because lik the logger above me i need violent video games when im mad to release anger if not there would be holes in my wall so that i dont end up killing somone i take my anger out on virtual people ang not real ones im john and i use the average violent games to avoid from killing animals and people

Treshaun Monroe says:

teens have there own minds.

Hi my name is Treshaun and I am 14 years old to me I really don’t think that video games cause teens to act the way they do. All people have their own minds and if they chose to do something they will do it. Now myself also play violent video games but I know right from wrong and I have my own mind and it’s good for using to. but I know I will never do what they do on violent video games. So I think that people shouldn’t blame violent video games because of how there teens act. Mostly when a teen act the way they do is because of pressure or they can’t think straight or something might be going on in their house. But still in all they still have their own minds and they will do how they feel. But mostly all a parent can do is try to get their teens help because some parents ignore their teens and they begin to feel left out. So all a teen or a child really need is some one to love and care and pay attention to them thats all. To tell you the truth I’m rough to but I know how to stop and don’t cross the line. this is for all the kids and teens out there just count to 10 and breath trust me it work and close your eyes and think of some thing nice and it will all work out.

Rico Williams says:

we are individuals and not a team

I really agree with mike. Video games has nothing to do with the crimes people are making today. Its just an poor excuse. I think it starts at home. if a parent approve their child to get a particular game, thats something they should handle. game makers are just doing their job and making a living out of something they do best and thats giving the buyers what they wanna play. point blank. what we need to focus on is teen pregnancy, high taxes, education and other more important issues. we all have a mind of our own and every right minded human should take full responsibility on the crimes they commit. oh yeah we should also focus on issues like commenter #7. thats just out of the issue and so unneccesary. clearly

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