Largest Populations In The World Banking On The Internet

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The two countries with the largest populations in the world are both increasingly looking to the internet to help build their economies. China is saying that they will soon pass the US as the largest internet and information economy. Of course, due to the size of their population (they’re talking strictly in absolute population numbers) this isn’t a huge feat. Meanwhile, India is banking on the internet to help spur continued development. It’s no surprise that both countries are looking to information technology to help them grow moving forward. The real question is how successful they will be, and what the impact will be on the rest of the world. Already, there are plenty of stories in the US talking about the fear of US computing jobs moving to India.

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Comments on “Largest Populations In The World Banking On The Internet”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

China vs. India

That’s funny, because I just finished reading an article (written by an Indian) on how China is doing better than India.

India’s IT sector succeeded because the industry built up faster than the corrupt, entrenched, self-serving government interests could regulate them. But when the government does catch up, we’ll see whether IT continues to boom in India. Because Indian IT is branching into other fields like banking, transportation, farming, or traditional industries, it is sure to eventually run into more resistance from indigents. Religious fundamentalists will surely blame the internet for secularizing society and corrupting youth.

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