The Future Of Internet Cafes

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Michael Rogers is writing in Newsweek about the future of internet cafes, where he seems to believe that EasyGroup’s easyInternetCafe in NYC is the model that will take over the rest of the US. While it does sound interesting (and I’ve been intrigued by their concept of demand-based pricing for seats at the computers), internet cafes have always struggled in the US for a variety of reasons. First, many people already have computers at home or at work, meaning they have less need to use one at an internet cafe. Second, many people see computing as something of a solitary experience. While this may be different for internet cafes that focus on gaming, there isn’t much reason to go out and use an internet cafe if you have other options. In the article, they even say that theft is a big problem, since people become so focused on their own screen they miss the pickpockets stealing their stuff. I also wonder how the whole WiFi hotspot phenomenon will effect these internet cafes. Since the prices are drastically cheaper than the commercial hotspots, I can see the cafes taking business away from the hotspot providers ($1/hour to use their computer or $10/hour to use your own…). However, if free WiFi becomes more widespread, than the internet cafe becomes an even less valuable concept for anyone with a laptop.

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