Is Homeland Security The Killer App For Crypto?

from the pushing-forward dept

David Holtzman’s latest column is wondering if the new Homeland Security Act will be the “killer app” for personal crypto products. For years, most people have ignored crypto products like PGP, and even looked funny at those who send digitally signed emails and such. People who have tried out crypto products often give them up because they’re too complicated, and they don’t really see the value. However, Holtzman points out that the new regulations encourage ISPs to snoop on what their customers are doing and to report anything suspicious. He believes this will be good incentive for many more people to start using crypto products. I have my doubts. I still think most people still don’t understand what crypto is or does – and they certainly don’t understand the benefits, compared to the “cost” of figuring out how to get it to work. Chances are most people won’t change a thing.

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