Model Linux Geek An MS User Too?

from the where's-the-Mac-version dept

Wired News is apparently really turning up their investigative reporting abilities. After noticing that an advertisement for LinuxWorld uses a picture of the same model used on a Microsoft website for .NET, they’re wondering what’s the deal, and what sort of computer the woman really uses? Of course, it’s no suprise to find out that no one really has any idea, since she’s just a stock photo. The more interesting, though still amusing, fact is the picture was chosen for both sites because it is “royalty-free”, meaning they can use it as much as possible without paying any extra. You would think this sort of royalty model would appeal much more to the Linux folks than the Microsoft folks, who seem to be against that sort of thing. In fact, a person from Getty Images (who owns the image) points out that if Microsoft had chosen a different licensing option, they could have had exclusivity – a more standard Microsoft practice. In the end, as someone in the article points out, the chances are the actual woman is a Mac user anyway.

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