Was SMS Study Just Marketing Hype?

from the here's-a-problem,-here's-a-solution dept

Over the past two days, it seems like everyone picked up the study saying that plenty of SMS text messages never reached their intended destination, which also ranked the various wireless carriers by performance. However, like so many studies, this one was done by a company that was far from unbiased in creating the study. In fact, a minute after releasing their findings, they also announced their new wireless carrier measurement service. Some say this is just good marketing, while others question the tactics. The carriers at the bottom of the list are already making noises about why they don’t agree with how the study was conducted – which could be a problem, since the company is trying to sell their solution to the carriers. It’s generally a risky move to tell a company, “you’re bad at this, now here’s our solution.” While it may be true, people at the company often don’t like to hear that they’re bad at something.

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Comments on “Was SMS Study Just Marketing Hype?”

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Brandon (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I’m not sure if this qualifies as SMS… but we’ve tried a number of times to use our phones as text pagers for operations messages, and I can definitely echo the findings of the report from experience. If you send too many messages, they’ll just back up, and you’ll get them at random delayed times, or lose them all together.


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