I Poisoned P2P Networks For The Music Industry

from the confessions-of-an-insider dept

The Register is running something of an interview with a guy who claims he worked for the music industry, and was one of the people who suggested they start populating the P2P networks with fake files in order to make it more difficult for the average user to find the files they were looking for. He says that he helped the IFPI (the international version of the RIAA) set up a system that did exactly that. He also says he left the organization in disgust over the fact that they refused to change with the times. They all knew what was coming in terms of online music, but were paralized with fear. Who knows how truthful the guy is, but it’s a lot more believable than the story from earlier this week from a hacker saying he had set up a virus through P2P networks for the music industry.

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