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Music Industry Blaming Piracy All The Way Down The Drain

from the go-down-with-the-ship dept

The music industry is continuing to whine and complain about how their business is collapsing, and they’re still blaming downloaders. Of course, they’re still not able to actually do anything about it. There are quotes from people saying that now is the time for the industry to do something to fight back. I think now is too late. They had the opportunity to embrace new technology and offer consumers something they wanted. They missed that opportunity thanks to their own short-sightedness and greed. Of course, there will still be music, and there will still be a “music industry”, but I’m increasingly of the belief that it will have to come from entirely new players who show up embracing the technology and what it can do for consumers. I used to think the music industry would realize its mistakes in time – but that was, clearly, naive.

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