MPAA Spurns Digital Copyright Plans

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Well, as predicted yesterday, some technology trade groups and the RIAA have come out with some “Policy Principles” for how to deal with the whole copyright “dilemma”. The principles, themselves don’t say very much, but people are still talking about how the MPAA refuses to sign up. The AP article again repeats the claim that the tech companies agree not to support laws that further define “fair use” rights by consumers – though, the principles say no such thing. However, the principles do seem to support the Berman Hollywood “hacking” bill that says it’s okay for the music industry to hack P2P networks to “protect” their works. It just goes against things like the Hollings bill (which is pretty much dead in the water anyway, and which the MPAA wanted more than the RIAA) to force digital rights management technologies to be built into every technology and consumer electronics device. I’m still wondering by what measure the tech industry thinks they have the right to barter away support for more clearly defining consumer rights? What does that have to do with them? I stand by my assertion that this is the equivalent of a shop owner who’s being robbed telling the thief to rob his customers instead, in exchange for not calling the cops. If it’s true, it’s a lousy move on the part of the tech industry. Of course, it can be viewed that both sides gave up things they didn’t have the right to. The music industry gave up the movie industry’s bill, and the tech industry gave up the bill for consumers’ rights. Update: Meanwhile, the EFF is pointing out that this “agreement” means very little, in part because “fair use” isn’t mentioned at all.

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