Mixed Reactions To The Segway

from the that-wheel-thing dept

Stories are now coming out about the first crew of “winners” (they still had to pay the full $5,000, but received them early – and now act as free marketing for the company) of the Segway scooters. The Washington Post followed one early Segway owner around as he scooted up and down DC streets. The reactions of people on the street were decidedly mixed. There was plenty of curiosity, but also animosity. People said he was going to kill pedestrians with it, and someone (from a car, of all things) yelled at him to get some more exercise. As for the owner, himself, he really likes it, but finds that the winter weather in DC makes it difficult to find days when he can actually use the Segway. He also discovered that his insurance company won’t cover the thing (though, Segway claims that there are other insurance companies that will).

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