Steve Case Resigns From AOL

from the didn't-see-that-coming dept

While he’s been under a lot of pressure lately as chairman of AOL-Time Warner, it looked as though Steve Case had survived the people calling for his head (or at least his title). Apparently realizing that the last attempt to remove him from power was a bit too close, and he’d rather be remembered going out on his own terms, Steve Case made the surprise announcement that he is resigning the chairmanship of AOL-Time Warner, the merger that he engineered. This leaves almost no AOL people left at the top. While not a huge fan of AOL, I do think that Case is getting unfairly treated by the media (and Wall Street) on this one. Of all the folks at AOL-Time Warner (soon to be renamed just Time Warner, I’m sure) he was one of the few who had the vision of what the combined company really should be. It’s too bad everything broke down on the execution. If anything, he should be blamed for letting too many people resist really bringing the two companies together.

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