Remembrance Of Dot-Com Idiocy Past

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Earlier this week James Ledbetter was getting torn up for trying to deny that he (as part of the Industry Standard) was part of the problem in a NY Times opinion piece (also reprinted here minus registration requirements). It seems that the opinion piece is really just a way for him to pitch his new book, Starving to Death on $200 Million, which sounds kinda boring. Much more interesting is the review Salon gives the book, pointing out that among the many problems the book has, (including Ledbetter trying to write about the collapse of a Silicon Valley magazine icon while being in New York and London) the biggest is that the death of the Industry Standard isn’t really much of a story any more. The growth of the internet still is a story. The corporate scandals of the last year are stories. The death, due to mismanagement, of a magazine isn’t much of a story.

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Comments on “Remembrance Of Dot-Com Idiocy Past”

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1 Comment
lissell says:

Ah, the Industry Standard

You know what my most pronounced memory of that magazine is; never paying for it. For some reason they kept sending me copies, even after they sent me “this is your last issue” warnings it still showed up in my mailbox. Maybe they whole not making subscribers pay thing had something to do with its ultimate demise.

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