Republicans More Willing To Answer Online Polls

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Okay. The Pew Internet and American Life Project that has put a number of interesting and insightful reports about how people use the internet must really be scraping bottom in looking for questions to ponder about the internet. Their latest study (and, they sure do release a lot of studies) points out that Republicans are much more likely than Democrats to respond to online surveys. It seems that they’ve got a lot more to say and are a lot more willing to put their keyboards to the virutal forms to express that opinion. I can’t really figure out why this would be, or what it actually says about either party. Either way, it does seem like more people (from both parties) use the internet for political news, though not nearly as much as they rely on that trusty standby: television.

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Comments on “Republicans More Willing To Answer Online Polls”

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1 Comment
sgt smudge says:

Gee, i thought all those surveys were accurate...

so they finally figured out how horribly persuasive “surveys” really are. The article goes into saying how other websites and even TV news talks about these surveys, and since GOPs are more likely to fill them out and rant their opinion, the surveys are going to tilt their way.

It really means the republicans are more vocal about their own “opinions,” and are more willing to shout out their opinions to the impressionable masses.

sometimes i’ll find some survey or comment box on something i feel i need to speak about, but then halfway through writing it I realize that my opinion really isn’t worth a damn to anyone out there but me.

oh well. politics as usual.

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