Web Site For Teens To Demolish Ignorance

from the good-for-them dept

In the wake of September 11, some teenagers with very different backgrounds got together and put together a website for teens to discuss all different kinds of issues. The idea was to build a central meeting place where teens could meet (virtually) and share information about their backgrounds and cultures to combat ignorance. It seems like a very typical thing for a bunch of idealistic teenagers to do, so I’m happy for them. Of course, the people who really need to be educated in this way are never going to find this site. It would also be interesting to check back on the founders of this site ten years from now to see if they’re still as idealistic as they are now.

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Comments on “Web Site For Teens To Demolish Ignorance”

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dorpus says:

Beyond the cliches

If you’re sick to death like I am of your usual black/white, Arab, gay, whatever anti-bigotry arguments — there are more unusual minorities whose culture and needs are not well known.

I just learned recently that American Sign Language has a completely different grammar from English. In fact, in terms of syntax, ASL shares more with spoken Japanese than it does with English. Details at


There is music specially designed for deaf people, that maximizes the thumps and vibrations felt on the skin.

Some people are born as a female, but have chromosomes for males (XY). Vice versa also. It’s thought that many such people go through life never aware of their condition, only that they seem tomboyish/girly. Or “Turner Syndrome” women who only have one X chromosome, so they cannot naturally grow into adults.

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