So Many Holes, So Few Hacks

from the should-we-care? dept

In the past I’ve complained about anti-virus companies that put out huge scary press releases about the latest viruses out there. While the threat is small, the hype over each new virus is mostly being used to sell more copies of their anti-virus software products. Now, Wired News is suggesting that security hole finders are doing the same thing. Of course, in many cases, the security companies are the same as the anti-virus companies – and they believe that by finding bugs, and getting some press, they get more business. However, for most of these holes, there is never any indication that anyone ever exploited the security hole. As is pointed out in the article, though, most of those who publicize the holes are doing so for the security industry themselves – and not for the general public to get alarmed about. Personally, I think the bigger problem is the press which seems to take every single one of these security hole stories and make a big deal out of it.

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