New Year, New Job?

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According to a new study from (who, let’s face it, has a reason to be a bit biased in such studies), 35% of workers they surveyed plan to look for a new job next year. It seems plenty of people hate their current job. They don’t think there’s much advancement opportunity, they’re not paid enough, there’s no job security, and they’re under too much stress. Of course, with the economy the way it is, these findings aren’t surprising. What will be a lot more interesting is to see how many people actually follow through on such a plan. I know many people who are dissatisfied with their current jobs, and say they’re going to change, but very few of them actually go through with it. It’s difficult to find a job these days, and most people realize that what they hate about their current job, they’re likely to hate about their new job as well. Besides, these days, just having a job seems like job security to many.

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Comments on “New Year, New Job?”

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1 Comment
supabeast (user link) says:

Changing jobs doesn't change things.

I have had five tech jobs in the last three years, leaving them for a variety of reasons. The thing I have learned from hopping all over trying to find a stable job with room for advancement is that there really aren’t any (Outside of the military, at least.), and that the only thing one gets from changing jobs is a bigger salary.

Of course, a bigger salary is all it ever takes to make me leave 😉

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