German State To Block Nazi Websites

from the more-national-firewalls dept

With all the talk about how the internet is becoming “walled gardens” of corporations blocking off content from peopel who aren’t customers, there’s an even bigger partitioning going on. It seems that we can add Germany to the list of countries that is building some sort of national firewall. It’s been deemed legal for the German government to force ISPs to block certain sites. As this trend continues, more and more areas of the internet will be cordoned off, depending on where you live. Of course, maybe that’s a good thing, so that you don’t get dragged halfway around the world to face trial for something you wrote on your local website.

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Comments on “German State To Block Nazi Websites”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

What about Regional IP standards?

Maybe countries could take after the French model and develop their own funny little internets.

In spite of all the pressure to globalize, DVDs are even more regionalized than VHS. It’s practically impossible to watch foreign movies on a DVD. Electrical outlets remain regionalized too. Countries would benefit a lot in the short term from making their funny little internets, to protect domestic interests.

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