PaineWebber Ex-Employee Charged With Fraud

from the securities-and-computer-fraud dept

Some people deserve to go to jail just for the stupidity of their crimes. Take, for example, system administrator Roger Duronio, who decided to “get back” at his employer, UBS PaineWebber, for what he felt was an unfair salary. He did this by sabotaging their network with a logic bomb that destroyed files and messed up the internal network for a while. On top of that, he decided that once the world found out about the logic bomb, the company’s stock would drop so he bought some put options. So, now the guy has committed both securities and computer fraud, and he expects to get away with it, when he has to be a major target (he quit right before it happened). It seems that very little worked about the plan. The logic bomb went off, costing the company some money, but the stock didn’t fall and it didn’t take that long to catch the guy who now faces many years in jail.

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