3G Is Coming (Ready Or Not)

A new report from Instat/MDR says that despite all the doom and gloom about 3G rollouts, wireless carriers are still pushing ahead, and over time, people will clearly upgrade. One of the big questions about wireless adoption for 2.5G and 3G networks is what is the “killer app” to drive people to upgrade. This report suggests there might not be a real need for a true killer app, as the need for more voice capacity may become the killer app itself, as people get tired of using the older network. With all the hype focused on wireless data transmission, it would be amusing to discover, in the end, that voice is still the killer app. Of course, this does make sense. Realistically, people still look at mobile phones as a voice device. The data side is a “nice-to-have” and not a need to have. More people are concerned with the voice quality, coverage, and amount of dropped calls of a phone than how useful it is for data.

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