Venture Capitalists' Actions, Words At Odds

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Watching venture capitalists speak whenever they have to give a presentation or be on a panel is usually fairly amusing. They tend to always say the same thing and it’s never what they’re actually doing. Ever since the downturn began, they’ve been saying that now is a great time to start a company (well, they had been saying that before the downturn too – but nwo they say it for different reasons), and that they’re still looking to invest in new startup ideas. However, when it comes down to actions, they’re investing in fewer and fewer startups. They also say that things keep looking better, but that doesn’t seem to follow through to their investments. Of course, they’re pretty much just saying what they feel obligated to say in order to make people think they’re somehow still relevant. If you talk to VCs in private, many of them seem willing to admit that they have no idea what to do right now and are scared of investing in just about anything.

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Comments on “Venture Capitalists' Actions, Words At Odds”

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1 Comment
Marc H. Nathan says:

Investing Enviornment

Risk is still the key factor, show me a solid management team with a solid business plan and there are many opportunities for VC money. The investment community still needs to put what money they have left into deals that will give them a steady, reasonable return in a vehicle that is better than what they can get by keeping their money in a bank. VC’s are finally going back to investing in companies, not just ideas. After an extremely slow summer, the deal flow is starting to pick up again. It’s now a question of quality versus quantity.

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