ISPs Attack, But War Is Hardly Over With Spam

from the getting-nastier dept

Mike Wendland’s latest column is talking about how the big ISPs are all implementing better, stronger anti-spam tools, but at the same time more spam is getting through as spammers get even sneakier. He talks about the method of spoofing the recipients email address as the from address to help it slip through filters (though, it’s pretty easy to block these too). However, it doesn’t discuss the hell that I’m going through from a downright nasty spammer who spoofed my email address as the reply-to for the millions of spams he seems to have sent out. It’s now been over 24 hours, and the bounces/autoresponders keep on coming. I simply can’t check my email without getting another 5 or so bounced emails for spam that this idiot forged from my address. It’s not slowing down either, so I’m not sure what to do. This has certainly gone beyond general spam nastiness. There is no excuse for spamming, but the losers who defend it by saying it’s “free speech” certainly have no way to defend what’s been done to me. This was just terrible and unfair. The fact that a spammer can basically do this to anyone else on the internet is one scary proposition. For anyone who has a limit on their email storage, a stunt like this would quickly knock that out. To me, this is the equivalent of a personal denial of service attack. It has made my email virtually useless.

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