AT&T Broadband Raising More Rates

from the thank-goodness-for-the-merger dept

Last week we pointed out that within weeks of the approval of Comcast to buy AT&T Broadband they were raising cable TV rates across the country. Now, it seems, they’re raising their cable modem access rates as well. So far, they’re only doing it with new clients (and, specifically, those who don’t also sign up for cable TV service as well). In the Bay Area, they’re bumping up rates from $46 to $60 – which seems like quite a leap. Doesn’t it seem a little suspect that this recently merged company can so easily push up rates so much? Where’s the competition? Meanwhile, Hughes and EchoStar have given up their merger attempt because people were afraid it would take away competition. Of course, I still think that a combined DirecTV/EchoStar would be an effective (perhaps the only effective) competitor to the new Comcast.

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